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Music Production & Audio in Logic Pro X

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During this seminar, we will cover the top ten free plugins for use with Logic Pro X, what they do and how to use them in music production and creation.  We will cover plugins that control delays, saturations, chorus effects, transient processors, leveling, reverb, and simulators.

Upon completion, you will be armed with the free tools to better create the sounds and music you hear in your mind.
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Jose Madrid
José Madrid is a Berklee College of Music graduate from the Music Production and Engineering program. As a producer, mixer and engineer, he has worked with artists such as Hana Oceans, Alfonso Peduto, Javier Sánchez, Rozen, and Kief Brown to name a few. As an avid student of the art of music production, he has taken clases with world renowned producers such as Hugh Padgham (Sting, Phil Collins), David Hentschel (Genesis, Elton John), Enrique González Müller (Los Amigos Invisibles, Metallica) and Susan Rogers (Prince). 
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